11-Year-Old Grabs Mic And Quietly Starts To Sing. But It’s Her Powerful Finale That Seals The Deal!


Mia has been on “Little Big Shots” and “The Ellen Show.” So, she’s been in front of an audience, and she’s comfortable. But, it’s something totally different when you’re performing in front of your friends and classmates, and that’s what Mia had to do here.  These are people she knows and loves and cares about – this was another type of nervousness. She knew she had to call upon her inner diva and keep it together.

It helps that Mia’s been singing since she was a kid. Anything that she could memorize, she would sing. From Disney to movie soundtracks and songs played on the radio while driving to school or family functions. Her parents saw their daughter’s potential and decided that they have to run with it. They encouraged her and got Mia to sing at gatherings. Since she was exposed to music and an audience at such a young age, Mia’s confidence is obvious, and it’s helped her sharpen her voice and fine-tune her skills.

And here she is showing off those skills for all of her classmates, and now the world. From the movie “Dreamgirls,” Mia chose Beyoncé’s “Listen,” a remarkably powerful song that would make most experienced singers break out into a cold sweat. This is no easy feat. How Mia manages to execute it flawlessly is beyond me, and stands as a testament to her unwavering talent and skill. She is next level, and this act proves it!

Click below to watch Mia in action. She too good to be true!

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