Baby Girl Steals Dog’s Treat. Dad Attempts To Negotiate A Deal, But She Won’t Budge.


Baby Ava and Brano are hanging around while the pup is munching down on his treat. Ava must have been jealous because while the dog was busy trying to get the crumbs, the baby’s little hand navigated around his face to reach down and nab the remainder of his treat. This is when dad intervenes. He asks, “Ava, did you steal Brano’s treat?” as he looks at her between the dog’s front legs. She doesn’t reply but seems fascinated with it, peering at it and holding it with interest. Why doesn’t she get one? Why is the dog special? Maybe she should try it?

Brano catches on quickly that she’s the thief. She’s staring at it, and while the doggo looks on at his baby friend keenly eyeing his food, dad is trying to get her to give it up, saying to Ava “Give him his treat!” But she’s won’t. Not even a little bit! It’s a really cute power struggle between these two best friends.

Brano tries to nuzzle in closer, but Ava doesn’t have it. She turns away, and won’t even give it to dad after he asks for it. So he has to resort to distracting her, asking her for a high five with one hand while Brano attempts to swoop in and take back what’s rightfully his from her other hand. Great teamwork boys, but it’ll be a lot harder than that! Ava is firm in her decision and doesn’t want to give anyone the dog treat! She is one mischievous baby and we, love the exchange the three are having in the video!

Click below to watch the back and forth between pup and toddler. Too cute!

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