Trucker Sees Scary Crash And Goes To The Rescue, Then Watches The Footage On His Dash Cam


David Fredericksen is a professional truck driver, so he spends much of his life on the road, traveling the nation’s highways. A dash cam in his truck captures everything that occurs in front of the truck, and on this particular day, it captured something pretty amazing. David and his driving partner were driving down a highway in Biloxi, Mississippi and saw a car going the wrong way. The car collided with a truck and burst into flames. David jumped out of the truck and made his way to the car to help. He was sure that the people would have died in the horrific crash but was determined to try to help either way.

He approached the car, equipped with a fire extinguisher and to his surprise, a grandmother and her two-year-old granddaughter had survived. He was able to help them escape and credits a higher power with saving everyone that day.

Watch David’s astounding account of the miracle rescue in the video below. Please like and share!

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