Scammer Calls Police Saying He’s From IRS And Cop’s Conversation Has Everyone Is Stitches


When you get a call from the IRS, and they leave you a message requesting a callback, we’re bound to jump on the phone the minute we have some time and see what happened. Nobody wants a call from the IRS. But a lot of times there are people who claim to be a part of the organization and call the public to scam them into paying up past due amounts, which will otherwise land them in “trouble.”

Well, trouble is what the IRS scammer in this video landed in when he thought it would be safe to run the same scam with a police officer. Wisconsin Eau Claire Police Officer Kyle Roder was clearing out his voicemail inbox when he came across a message from an “IRS representative.” Officer Roder decides to call the number back, and a hilarious conversation ensues.

Watch the video below and be prepared to laugh! Share this post with family and friends; it’s a good reminder for everyone to be aware of phishing phone calls, especially ones that claim to be from the IRS!

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