Boy Drops Cymbal During Performance. But His Quick Thinking Saves The Show, And It’s Hilarious.


Just then, the young man responsible for playing the cymbals drops one to the floor. Of course, there are a few seconds where he looks completely shocked, embarrassed, and unsure of what to do. In all honesty, we start to feel quite awkward for the kid. But what he does next has every single person, in the audience and watching the video, feeling super impressed.

Without giving too much away, we will say that his reaction is priceless, well-executed, and is a must-see for anyone who has ever experienced some form of public embarrassment in their life (which, let’s face it, is all of us). In fact, many of us would probably relate to this guy in some shape or form.

Give the footage below a watch and let us know your thoughts in the comments! If you’re as impressed as we were, make sure to like and share it with your friends and family! Why? Because sharing is caring, and we all secretly love those cringe-worthy moments in life, am I right?

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